Air Defense History Museum


The museum was founded in 1976 by initiative of Commander in chief of Air Defence marshal P.Ph.Batitsky. The exposition tells about Air Defence armies since the moment their origin in 1915 till nowadays. All about 400 units of combat equipment: antiaircraft machine-guns and guns, antiaircraft complexes S-25, S-75, S-200, S-300, radar stations, elements of PRO (antimissile defence) and other arms.
The Great Patriotic War occupies considerable part of exposition: original documents, photos, weapon, standards, private things of defenders. In the centre of the exposition is a diorama of artist A.N.Semenov "Antiaircraft defense of Moscow"

    The post-war period is interesting by the materials telling about operations of Air Defence armies in local wars and conflicts: Korea, Egypt, Vietnam, Afghanistan.
The modern equipment is represented by well-known ZRK S-300 (anti-aircraft missile complex) and by not advertised system of antimissile defence.

         Duration: 5 hrs

         Access: permission required

          10-12 working days is necessary period for admittance obtaining

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